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Content and innovation projects for companies looking to stay relevant in an increasingly fast-paced world.

Through Oxygen Studio, we offer solutions that help broaden perspectives and provide a fresh outlook on the future for those needing to maintain leadership while navigating volatile markets.

Our innovation lens points towards a better world

Through our curated content and a repertoire blending innovation consulting skills with strategy, we produce trend reports, facilitate cultural transformation workshops, curate content for events, create branded content for partner brands, and manage teams’ content consumption to ensure they’re engaging with high-quality, inspiring, relevant, and trustworthy information.

We believe that companies play a crucial role in driving a more just and sustainable society. To fulfill this role, they need to always be tuned in to the latest developments.

Products to inspire your company to embrace a fresh perspective on business

Customized Products

  • Trend Reports
  • Branded Content
  • Summits Curationship
  • Cultural Transformation Program
  • IRL Experiences
  • Corporate Subscriptions Oxygen Club
  • Branding Projects and Programs
Trend Reports

 Our curation focuses on what is most innovative in the world, whether broadly or within specific sectors.

Branded Content

We develop content across various fronts for brands from different industries. We create newsletters and podcasts, manage social media platforms, develop relationship programs, and work on special projects – always with an innovative and creative perspective that characterizes our curation.

Summits Curationship

Many companies have recognized the opportunity to position themselves as thought leaders and have been strategically leveraging this type of event. 

We help companies in defining the main topics to be addressed, identifying expert speakers in those areas, as well as crafting the narrative of the festival’s content.

Cultural Transformation Program

We help develop soft skills in work teams using playful techniques and facilitation processes to stimulate curiosity, flexibility, and trust within the teams.

IRL Experiences

We organize events and experiences that go beyond screens and the virtual world. We create authentic and meaningful moments for our clients, always bringing relevant content capable of inspiring and strengthening the connections of the participants.

Corporate Subscriptions Oxygen Club

We offer corporate subscription packages of Oxygen Club memberships for company teams that want to expand their repertoire and always be ahead of the market.

Branding Projects and Programs

Building brand platforms using agile methodologies for faster and more effective processes, as demanded by today’s business landscape.

Proprietary Products

  • Festival Insights
  • Sectoral Trends Reports
  • OxyTrends
  • Corporate Subscriptions:
Festival Insights

 The Oxygen team travels annually to innovation festivals such as SXSW, Web Summit, CES, and Cannes Lions, keeping track of all the movements, activations, and talks that occur during these events. After each one, we consolidate the main highlights into a comprehensive report that helps us anticipate trends and prepare you for these transformations.

Sectoral Trends Reports

Trend reports on key topics to understand what is happening in the world today. Discover the technologies changing the way we live, the brands reinventing categories, and the startups driving the market and shaping the future. Get in touch to learn about the themes and sectors covered in our reports.


Throughout the year, we bring trends and innovations that are transforming the world in our content. Leveraging all of Oxygen’s expertise and radar, separating signal from noise, we develop OxyTrends, the result of our analysis and research on the major themes expected to dominate the global landscape in the coming year. Grouped into ten trends, they encompass insights, events, behaviors, and disruptions that we believe will continue to shape the pace of change in the future.

Corporate Subscriptions:

Semester or annual subscriptions to Oxygen Club’s Plus or Pro plans for businesses expose teams to a vast repertoire of trends and innovation. The plan allows participation in various live meetings (as well as access to recorded content), along with a weekly newsletter featuring news and insights that spark reflections and bring inspiration to businesses.

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