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Curated travel experiences to global festivals, innovation ecosystems, and experiences that enhance learning and new connections

Trips to innovation festivals and ecosystems are unique learning and networking experiences. Among Oxygen's destinations are events like SXSW, Web Summit, and RISE, as well as global innovation ecosystems like Israel, Singapore, and China. Additionally, there are in-person (In Real Life - IRL) experiences for the Oxygen community, immersing them in innovation-driven environments throughout Brazil.


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Content-driven journeys

Journeys to innovation festivals and ecosystems offer indescribable experiences in terms of learning and connections.

They provide unique opportunities for personal and professional growth and transformation. At these events, our focus is on content, which attracts a distinct audience profile to our groups. These are individuals who embrace lifelong learning as a lifestyle. They share the same curiosity and interest in new things, enjoy delving into concepts, listening to different perspectives, and connecting with the world's major issues. Despite their differences, they are united by a thirst for continuous learning.

Our work is to help our clients understand the movements that will impact markets, the behavioral changes that will shape society, and the new technologies that will reinvent entire categories. Through exclusive curation, we offer learning experiences to provoke impact, awaken curiosity, stimulate creativity, and generate business opportunities.

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Cannes Lions


Web Summit


Cannes Lions

We are offering a program for those who want to experience this historic event with special curation. We will bring a broad and comprehensive perspective, combining the most relevant themes of the moment, prioritizing the brightest speakers, and highlighting must-have experiences. Among the names already confirmed in the lineup are Queen Latifah, Deepak Chopra, David Droga, as well as Founders, CEOs, and CMOs from companies like Liquid Death, McDonald's, Mattel, PepsiCo, Amazon, and Mondelez. If you want to know more about this opportunity, join us in France.

  • In 2023, Oxygen was chosen as the curation partner for Estadão, producing almost all of the content broadcast on the newspaper's platform.

Web Summit

The event is one of the main occurrences in the European technology and business scene. It was born in Ireland in 2009 and moved to Lisbon in 2016. In 2018, the Portuguese government acquired the rights to host the Web Summit for ten years. The group also organizes other festivals, such as Rise (Hong Kong) and Collision (Toronto). The first edition in Latin America took place this year, with Web Summit Rio 2023. Its focus is to bring together the local innovation ecosystem: CONTENT, INVESTORS, and STARTUPS.

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Where we seek inspiration

Coberturas by Oxygen

Content Curation for Estadão

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2023

The coverage was supported by journalists Andrea Janér, Maria Clara Lima, and Ana Beatriz de Carvalho from Oxygen, accompanied by Wesley Gonsalves, an Economy reporter focusing on media and marketing at Estadão. Together, the reporting team worked on producing analytical content, conducting interviews with personalities from the communication world, and evaluating the awards. According to Andrea Janér, Co-founder and CEO of Oxygen, it is always a challenge to deliver specialized content, remotely and in a way that the audience truly connects. "Festivals are one of the fastest and most interesting ways to expand one's repertoire. And the Lions Festival is each year improving its content, creating a schedule with important names and themes fully connected to the zeitgeist. With this partnership, it was possible to share some of the great insights from the festival, practically in real-time, with the Brazilian creative community."

IRL Experiences

Oxygen captures the most relevant topics, organizes them by theme, packages them in interactive formats, and delivers them with enough depth for people to stay ahead of their time.

To separate the signal from the noise – and to burst the bubble of algorithms – our greatest differential is human curation. Our team dives daily into media, documentaries, podcasts, chat rooms, trend reports, and innovation festivals to create narratives and deliver, in a structured manner, a rich, broad, deep, and unbiased repertoire for our clients. Oxygen exists for you to be two steps ahead of the game. Our In Real Life experiences complement this mindset and provide our community with a sense of belonging while enriching their repertoire.


"Having Oxygen's curation made the experience more interesting and easier. There was so much to see that without Oxygen's help it would have been a much more laborious task. The particles are still floating, and the download helped to put everything in place. I loved it and am looking forward to the next journey!

P. W

"The entire process of Oxygen's curation, from involvement, research, collaboration, dialogues, and relationships made a big difference during the festival! Not only in the selection of content, but also in the clarity and understanding of everything that involves the event."

"I am an Oxygen club subscriber and I participated in the group for the Web Summit Rio 2023. The experience was incredible! The team was prepared, with plenty of experience in various festivals! They provided high-quality curation as well as very rich discussions about the content presented. Going to a festival with this type of support and exchange within the group greatly enhances the experience and learning, in addition to all the ease and convenience provided! Thanks to the entire Oxygen team!"

A. K

"It's a privilege to have Oxygen's curation at an event that floods us with information, dialogues, connections, content, and covers different themes. A filter that illuminates and clarifies, as well as enchants and makes us fall even more in love with the content."

C. S

"For me, investing in curation is like buying the perfect ticket, tailor-made for me!"

"I can't help but thank and congratulate [you] for the professionalism and the attention to detail and to us :) Already looking forward to our next meeting!"